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We believe at ALC that our program is about more than just tuition and for that reason we like to have a personal conversation about your families needs. Although our doors are always open we like to schedule tours between the hours of 9-2 daily to be able to give you and your child the undivided attention needed to help you decide what program best suits your families needs.

We do offer several discounts that will be discussed during the tour as well as any other questions or concerns you may have about group care. Contact us with the form below to schedule a tour or call 615-662-1362.





Active Learning Center is recognized in the State of Tennessee as a 3 star center.

Active Learning Center sits on 6 1/2 acres of beautiful land featuring 5 different playgrounds; One for each age group as well as an outdoor mud kitchen

Itty Bitty Bookworm Curriculum focuses on 2-4 books a month depending on the age group. Our teachers then base their weekly lesson plans around the book of the week and/or what the children are interested in.

There was a time not so long ago when childhood offered the space and freedom for children to explore their world. To be curious. To be creative. To be bold. To be bored. To just . . . be. Today, our over scheduled and over stimulated children are using their imaginations less than ever. It’s a crisis in the making. And it’s why we’re committed to this project. With over 6 1/2 acres of play space in a park like setting ALC is fortunate enough to have the space to let “ kids be kids”. Stay tuned for more information on this exciting new project as we do our part in giving children back their childhoods. Because by giving children a true childhood, we give them a path to realizing their full potential!

Through Conscious Discipline we equip our teachers to integrate social-emotional learning, discipline and self-regulation so they spend less time policing behavior and more time teaching vital life skills.

Play. Everyday.


ALC is different due in part to our innovative curriculum which helps to develop an eagerness to learn while creating a fun, safe, and nurturing environment. We explore fine arts, learn Spanish, sign language, and integrate fun and brain-stimulating activities into everyday activities. Our mission is “to provide quality care in the least restrictive environment allowing children to become life long learners.”

  • After-School program
  • Summer Camp Program
  • Positive learning environment
  • Learning through play
  • Individual attention in small classes
  • Building Social Skills