1 YEAR - 2 ½ YEARS

Toddlers are no longer babies but not yet preschoolers. This age group is at a pivotal place in their development. Our teachers are trained to recognize the developmental milestones and plan activities to encourage independence, self worth, and confidence. Our curriculum for this age group is literary based and incorporates the importance of routines and familiarity for optimal learning.

Area's of Focus

The activities and learning opportunities are designed to stimulate their imagination and cultivate their curiosity as they learn about the world they live in. Our toddlers have a room full of activities and equipment just right for them. They are allowed to explore anywhere they please in the room.

Shelves are labeled so they can take pride in cleaning up their area of the room with the teacher. In this room they begin to sit with a group and sing songs and listen to stories. When the are ready, they begin potty training. Like the other classrooms, toddler rooms are set up with learning/activity centers. Blocks, dramatic play, library, science, and manipulatives are all available to help their fertile minds learn and relate. They learn to share and become more sociable children while developing a love of learning.

Toddlers still need lots of love and reassurance that their world is safe. The teachers give a nice balance of love and nurturing while at the same time giving them the freedom to learn about their world.


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