Because research shows us time and time again just how important books and reading are to children, we have based our curriculum on popular children's books.  Each week of curriculum will focus on a different storybook.  The activities will coordinate with the themes of each book, as well. Our literature-based infant/ toddler/ preschool curriculum is educational, child-friendly, organized, and easy to use. We encourage our teachers to enhance this curriculum with their own creative ideas. Each week / month there are letters, colors and shapes among other hands-on activities, poems, finger plays, songs and readiness skills to work on with the end goal being your child is ready for kindergarten in all aspects not just academically.

Extra curricular options

We believe that parents should have the choice of choosing extra cirrucular programs for their child to participate in, while at our center. We have teamed with several reputable outside instructors and programs to provide parents and kids with great additional programs at our center. If you are interested in enrolling your child in an extra cirrucular activity please stop by the front office for more information.

  • Music & Movement - Mondays
  • Dance - Tuesdays
  • Tumble Weed Gymnastics - Tuesdays
  • Wee Little Arts - Thursdays
  • Happy Feet Soccer - Friday

Training for Teachers

Our staff have over 20 hours of continuing education each year. We feel you can never have too much training. All staff are trained in infant, child and adult CPR and First Aid by our on-staff Red Cross Certified trainer.

Parent involvement

We have an open door policy where you can drop in anytime and see what our day is like. We encourage parent interactions in our program. We offer workshops for parents on a range of topics from immunizations, behavior issues, to CPR and First Aid that parents can take advantage of through out the year.

Healthy Meals

Our menus are carefully designed and created by a certified Nutritionist from the Cook's Academy through Child Care Nashville and overseen by a Sous Chef. Menus change to reflect seasonal availability. We use local fresh in season ingredients when at all possible. All vegetables are fresh or frozen, never canned. We serve chilled water at all snacks and encourage water all through out the day. Meals are served home style to encourage independence and communication.