CLUB ALC (Before & After School)

We select activities that are designed to enhance and compliment the learning experiences of the school setting. We realize children need time to relax, be physical, and interact socially with their peers as well as engage in their choice of out of school activities. That is why we have designed a program that has a balance of activities. Our rooms are arranged so children can have space for homework, choice of engaging activities and projects, as well as 6.5 acres of playground space to allow them to stay physically fit.

Kids Are Social

Social interaction is an important part of development of school age children and their out of school time provides a key opportunity to develop these skills. Our room is arranged to foster positive relationships between children and staff in the group.

Our Staff Are Engaging

Our staff provides encouragement and facilitate activities rather than direct activities. Staff encourage open communication by listening as well as talking with school agers. Everyone in our program is treated equally regardless of gender, race, religion, culture, and/or family background.